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Quality Policy

1. Respond appropriately and appropriately to customers in order to make them feel our client-centered attitude, "clients first".

2. Accumulate "Interactions" with customers to create attractive products that are technologically leading.

3. Each and every employee is aware of the importance of their efforts and aims to be a leading manufacturer.

Process Approach and Continuous improvement

‘Client First’ shall guide ways of working for us, all of employees at Tokyo Technical Corp. We shall understand how we can contribute to customer satisfaction and quality improvement through our business, design/development/production/sales.
We are committed to make effort to achieve customer satisfaction by providing highly precise and qualified products which are processed and assembled with successful technologies and long experience in an orderly circumstance.

[Registered Client]

Tokyo Technical Instruments Inc., Ashikaga Factory

[Scope of Registration held]

Design, Development, Manufacturing and Sales of
CNC Gear Measuring Machine

Our unique technology to enable precise measurement

Symmetric construction

Each axis is designed symmetrically against center of the bed to increase stability of measurement.

Mirror finish increases the resistance to wear

All sliding surfaces are processed with mirror finishing job to increase wear and abrasion resistance. We developed the special lapping device for high-accuracy processing.

A standard surface plate

We make the surface plate from a casting made according to our original design, and finish it by scraping precisely. Its flatness is measured with the laser interferometer for guarantee.

Measure block

We finish six plane surfaces of the block into mirrors and maintain high precision and high density. This block is used for quality assurance of assembling gear measurement machines.

Precision scraping

Precision scraping is a key technology to make very accurate gear measurement possible. It is a precisely processing technology which can be handled by only our internal special engineers.

Measurement a small module gear


Measurement of the m0.27 small module internal gear
by CNC Gear Measuring System TTi-300H

Measurement of the small module internal gear
by NC Double Flank Gear Rolling Tester